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Created 6-Nov-15
Modified 30-May-16
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I hesitate to call these Zentangle although they are inspired by Zentangle. Technically Zentangle is done on a small 4x4 card. I use a 5"x7" sketchbook.

Most of the drawings were done in one work day more often than not. If I had time or inclination to color I did, when I wasn't inclined I didn't, there isn't more reason than that for some being colored and others not. You will only find a couple with shading. I know the power of good shading but it is just a bit more fussy than I am prepared to tackle at work.

My work requires me to be on the phone much of the day. I find I have much more patience waiting on hold and speaking the same mandatory script all day when I have a pen in hand and can be creative while I work. I am happiest when I am multitasking and this is a very calming type of multitasking.