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A day trip to Anza Borrego to take photos of Sterling by the sculptures. You will find a few photos of Sterling by some of these same sculptures taken in March 2010. Don't be fooled by the photos, there were sandstorms this day that brought zero visibility. We had a great time anyway and came away with at least a couple photos to show 6 years of growth and many more to show Sterling's playful nature.

Guestbook for Sterling in Anza Borrego
LaRee Brownell
Yes, there the boy was well watered and fed in spite of the drought and grew accordingly. Thanks for joining in our adventure. You added a richness that just couldn't be without you.
The shots from 2010 really show the effect of the drought! We actually had a running stream in 2010. I was struck by that very first elephant shot, with the green grass, showing the difference six years of sparse rains makes. And yet, Sterling managed to grow anyway....
so much fun to see the shots, knowing the 'back story'. And knowing the ones that Sterling ad-libbed. What a fun day!
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