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Modified 28-Feb-13
Created 1-Feb-13
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A photo a day of a different pair of my shoes for the month of February. Some may look like the same shoes, but I guarantee no two days are the same shoe.
These Shoes Were Made For Walking....Jetty WalkingBike RideUggg it's Monday AgainOld VW BusPrimaryReality SucksUp Against The WallSaturday Keen HikingWell Y Not?Ugg is it really Monday?Keen Mary JaneFancy BirkenstockJ Crew Happy Valentines DayPure JuiceAt the ParkStumpedIt Must Be MondaySketchersMerrill Go To Rain Boots

Guestbook for PAD Shoes February 2013
So love the PAD for February, 2013. Great color and I really like the way you are showing off your shoes, with toes up, feet cocked, etc. Very nice indeed.
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