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Uploaded 10-Feb-11
Taken 10-Feb-11
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At the Zoo

Bob went to the zoo today. He visited the ducks. He hung out with a large bird with a plastered expression. As he went deeper into the zoo toward Elephant Odyssey he felt he was going back in time. He came across a large cat. But this wasn't like any cat Bob had seen before. The cat grabbed Bob in it's mouth. Bob was almost eaten by this prehistoric cat! He managed to barely escape with his life. It shook him up being surrounded by those large teeth and hot breath.
He had been hunting for the metal chick he met last time he was at the zoo and was becoming increasingly distraught at not being able to find her. He did find a frog. Bob believes in fairy tales so he kissed the frog in hopes of finding if not his metal chick, maybe his prince charming.