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Guestbook for Hummingbirds
Beautiful collection. Thanks for the link, LaRee.
Michael O'Byrne(non-registered)
LaRee - Thank you for the link - your photos are just beautiful. I think my favourite is #12 which would make a great bookend from your winning entry. Jade and I had fun with your 'jaded' comment as you can see in his/her/its entry and mine. Keep up the great work.
Fritzie Vader(non-registered)
Hummingbirds are my favorite thing... even have a hummingbird tattoo!! Love the pics.
Dwayne Andrejczuk(non-registered)
Wow...these are all great shots! Nice work!
Lynn Sinden(non-registered)
Hi LaRee,
These are all stunning! It would be hard for me to pick a favourite but I really like #3. You are definitely an accomplished photographer now. Keep up the great work! Lynn
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